Shows to Check Out!

Tuesday, December 16th it is Killcode doing a rare acoustic set along with Brand of Julez and Tempest City at the Mercury Lounge.

Wednesday, December 17th it is Jane Lee Hooker, and Ten Ton Mojo among others at Arlene's Grocery.

Saturday, December 19th it is Black Satellite and Tempest City at Arlene's Grocery.

Tuesday, December 23rd it is Cracked Alice, Revel 9, Tempest City, and Off the Turnpikeat Arlene's Grocery.

Saturday, January 17th it is Face the King at Maxwell's in Hoboken.

The Video Pick

Killcode doing "The Wrongside"
Killcode is at Webster Hall Tuesday, December 2nd
with Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel.

The Western Front

One take on music, NYC and other stuff. . .

About the Wild West

Wild West Rocks has been promoting rock, punk and alternative acts since 2005. After a break of a few years, we could not stay away. Explorations into web radio evolved into WWR, and our web skills have maybe gotten a little better. Maybe. At the end of the day we still want to get back to promoting shows! Not to be the boy who cried wolf, but the shows will be back. . . have faith.

How did I arrive at the name Wild West Rocks? Well, way back in 2003 I had the brainstorm to bring Irish Guitar Hero, Bernie Torme to the US. In the process I rediscovered the amazing stuff going on right here in and around NYC. Wild West is the first track on Torme's classic Electric Gypsies.

Check out Bernie Torme's Discography here.

Find us on Facebook. Got a question? Got a band? Got loud music and want to be on the Wild West Radio or one of our shows? Contact Us!

On the Scene

Jane Lee Hooker's New Album

Jane Lee Hooker's first album, No B! is out.

Bernie Torme's new album, Flowers and Dirt

Bernie Torme's Flowers and Dirt. His first studio album in fifteen years. Available from either or from

NYC Live Rock

NYC Live Rock is the only website that streams live rock shows from the clubs of New York City

Rew and Who

Rew and Who with host ReW StaRR. inTerviewz, LiVe performances, & fun fun fun... alwayz informative & alwayzzzz surprizes!