Shows to Check Out!

On Wednesday, June 25th Mother is at Arlenes Grocery along with Srotakin IV, Jenncity and Midnight Mob.

And on Saturday, June 28th at Arlenes Grocery it is Park After Dark.

On Thursday, July 10 the Liza Colby Sound returns to Arlenes Grocery.

On Friday, June 27th it is Ghost Thrower, Sidewalk Driver, the Violet Machine, and Great Woods at the Trash Bar.

On Saturday, July 5th it is Divergence, Purple Pam and the Flesh Eaters, Kill Mercy, Death Immortal, and Gas - all at the Trash Bar.

And on Friday, July 11th it Honor Among Thieves with The Returners, Kitty In A Casket, The East Coast Fling and Owen McCarthy again at the Trash Bar.

On July 28th it is Broken Guru at Pianos.

Supersuckers and Ten Ton Mojo at the Gramercy Theatre in New York, NY on Friday, August 1st.


How did I arrive at the name Wild West Rocks? Well, way back in 2003 I had the brainstrorm to bring Irish Guitar Hero, Bernie Torme to the US. In the process I rediscovered the amazing stuff going on right here in and around NYC. Wild West is the first track on Torme's classic Electric Gypsies.

Check out Bernie Torme's Discography here.

The Wild West - An Update

Wild West Rocks has been promoting rock, punk and alternative acts since 2005. After a break of a few years, we could not stay away. Explorations into web radio evolved into WWR, and our web skills have maybe gotten a little better. Maybe. At the end of the day we still want to get back to promoting shows! Not to be the boy who cried wolf, but the shows will be back. . . have faith.

The Western Front

One take on music, NYC and other stuff. . .

We continue with Henry Rollins who shares his encounters with Iggy Pop. . .

Find us on Facebook. Got a question? Got a band? Got loud music and want to be on the Wild West Radio or one of our shows? Contact Us!

On the Scene

Bernie Torme Pledgemusic page

Blues Rock Psychedelic Shredmeister Bernie Tormé – Help a guitar legend create his new album!

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NYC Live Rock is the only website that streams live rock shows from the clubs of New York City

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